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Conveyancing fees vary wildly from firm to firm, and it is often difficult for the consumer to gauge what is value for money. Unlike purchasing other objects and services, the cheapest service does not necessarily imply a saving, and the most expensive and "prestigious" does not necessarily guarantee superior knowledge, service and experience. What we do stress is that regardless of which firm you undertake to act on your behalf, the transfer of ownership from one party to another - which is the most basic definition of conveyancing - is one of the most important and potentially costly transactions in your life. Therefore, you should strike a balance between a fair price, and a firm you are comfortable has the knowledge, skill and customer service to guide the deal through.

Having said that, Anchor Conveyancing positions its pricing at the lowest end of the scale. We have adopted a pricing structure of professional fees of $800.00 plus GST for buying or selling residential property. In addition, as is standard in conveyancing, you will also need to pay for disbursements, including necessary searches. These vary from property to property, depending on the nature of the place you are buying or selling, or the requirements of your mortgagee. However, we will only a) charge you the actual disbursement cost without any hidden extras and b) perform those searches necessary to protect your interests. We will not under any circumstance cut corners or costs in disbursements that could put your transaction in jeopardy, potentially costing you large sums of money. For further details on the specifics of disbursements for a property sale or purchase, we welcome you to contact us.

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Latest News

  • Christmas / New Year Opening Hours

    Anchor Conveyancing will be closed on Christmas and Boxing Day public holidays, but will be open to conduct settlements in the period before New Years Eve. If you are contemplating signing a Contract that settles in this period, we recommend you also first check the opening hours with your financial institution or broker as many firms will not be open. read more →

  • Consultations now available in Wallan area

    Anchor Conveyancing is proud to announce that it is boosting client contact in the northern corridor of Craigieburn to Wallan. Should you require an appointment to discuss your sale or purchase in this area, please contact us. read more →


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